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We’re now open in our brand new premises. Do come and visit we’re really looking forward to seeing you. If you are looking for a particular book or have any other questions just click on the link below to get in touch.

We’re now open in our brand new premises. Do come and visit we’re really looking forward to seeing you. If you are looking for a particular book or have any other questions just click on the link below to get in touch.

Next day pick up

We can order almost any book in print and have it in the shop ready for pick up by the next day – provided you let us know by 4pm. Just call or email us with the book title and author and we’ll check its price and availability for you. We will call you when your book arrives.

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Our loyalty card offers you a £10 off your next purchase when you purchase ten books worth £10 or more.


Whether you are looking for a present or inspiration for your next bedside tome we can help. Just pop into the shop, or send us an email explaining who the book is for and what their interests are and we’ll give you some ideas to choose from.



 “Multiple points of view can be tricky to pull off but Bernardine Evaristo achieves it with a panoramic view of Britain throughout the twentieth century. Following the lives and struggles of twelve very different characters, predominantly women, black and British, we discover the stories of their families, friends and lovers. A worthy Booker winner.”


A fictional account of how Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa came to write his classic work, The Leopard. It is beautifully written, elegiac without being sentimental and leads one back to the novel itself with fresh understanding of the period and the character of the Prince of Salina.


 “Anne Tyler’s latest hero sounds rather unpromising: a tech geek with a knack of putting his foot in it with family and “women friends”. But this slim novel, as always, tells us as much about ourselves as it does about its characters.”


 “Malcolm Kershaw runs a bookstore specialising in crime fiction. He is taken aback one day when a FBI agent visits claiming that someone is using a book list he compiled to commit ‘perfect’ murders.”


 “Not for the faint of heart, but if anyone is curious to know how the Indian subcontinent was subjugated by a small company from London in the18th century this is essential reading. Dalrymple writes with clarity and sympathy, making it clear how the improbable situation came about and the effects of which many are still living with today.”


 “This is an unconventional history of the second half of the 20th century as seen through barrister Jeremy Hutchinson’s greatest cases. He has defended a mixed bag of clients from spies such as George Blake to model Christine Keeler, from the book Lady Chatterley’s Lover to the thief of a Goya painting. An incredible career which helped to shape the laws and values we hold dear and written with the subject’s help and encouragement “


 “The author’s discovery of a box of letters leads him to investigate his Georgian ancestor’s life and times and reveals the uncomfortable truth of the source of his wealth and influence: Jamaican sugar plantations and the slave trade. A riveting, salutary read.”


 “This anecdotal cornucopia of a book follows Samuel Pozzi, surgeon and gynaecologist extraordinaire, Prince Edmond de Polignac and Count Robert de Montesquiou as they rub shoulders with the beau monde of England and France during La Belle Époque. Eruditely informal, we meet a whole cast of famous faces from Degas, Rodin and Sargent to Dreyfus, Bernhardt and Proust and even a 7 year-old boy called Charles de Gaulle. All fit into Barnes’ opulent jigsaw of a biography.”

HARDBACK, £12.99

 “Meet Herbert: the rabbit who knows he was born to be a fox. When his mother isn’t looking, he puts on pointy fox ears, makes himself a bushy tail, and asks his sister to paint him orange; just like a fox. A celebration of being who we know we really are (Age 2-4).”


 “Whilst you can cross all sorts of bugs and beetles in this ‘flip flap’ book to invent new varieties (with suitably silly names) the inquisitive will learn all sorts of interesting facts about the genuine minibeasts (Age 3+)”

HARDBACK, £12.99

 “A simple introduction to the wonder of DNA and how it influences every living thing and affects what it becomes. With simple text and illustrations by Emily Sutton, it joins the author and illustrator’s previous books on biodiversity (Lots) and microbes (Tiny) (5+)”


 “Lost-and-founder Herbie Lemon and his courageous friend Violet Parma have another nautical mystery to solve when a mighty storm hits Eerie-on-Sea and an ancient artefact is washed up on the beach. Electric sequel to Malamander (Age 8+)”

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