Next Day Pick Up

We can order almost any book in print and have it in the shop ready for pick up by the next day – provided you let us know by 4pm. Just call or email us with the book title and author and we’ll check its price and availability for you. We will call you when your book arrives.


Whether you are looking for a present or inspiration for your next bedside tome we can help. Just pop into the shop, or send us an email explaining who the book is for and what their interests are and we’ll give you some ideas to choose from.


The Barnes Bookshop is very happy to be a¬†partner of the The Barnes Children’s Literature Festival. This year’s festival has attracted some of the biggest names in children’s writing, including Michael Rosen and David Baddiel. The¬†festival will be held on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of May.

Loyalty Cards

We run a loyalty card scheme – just ask for a card next time you visit.